The thing about an anxiety disorder is that you know it is stupid. You know with all your heart that it wasn’t a big deal and that it should roll off of you. But that is where the disorder kicks in; Suddenly the small thing is very big and it keeps growing in your head, flooding your chest, and trying to escape from under your skin. You know with all of your heart that you’re being ridiculous and you hate every minute of it. The fact that many people don’t recognize or have patience for your illness only makes everything worse. —Ten years of experience (via punkasspoet)

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You have no idea what you just walked in to.

"As we turn the corner, the local bakery is getting its powdered sugar delivered, funneled into the cellar by the barrelful as if it were cement, and we can see nothing but the shadows of the deliverymen in the white, sweet cloud. The street is billowing, and Nick pulls me close and smiles that smile again, and he takes a single lock of my hair between two fingers and runs them all the way to the end, tugging twice, like he’s ringing a bell. His eye­lashes are trimmed with powder, and before he leans in, he brushes the sugar from my lips so he can taste me."Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn.

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"You slip into characters in day to day life depending on who you’re talking to or what environment you’re in. We all dip into different versions of ourselves.”

I think the best artists are the ones who constantly change… (x)

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look around you. at the quiet girl you share notes with, the cute guy you have a crush on, the gunner who talks too much in class, and ask yourselves, do you know who anyone really is? 

Don’t attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you’re lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space. The best you can do is know yourself… know what you want. —Janet FitchWhite Oleander

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Favorite Music Videos | This Is Gospel

"The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds. But they haven’t seen the best of us yet"